Product Details

Smart home system and wireless ip camera, smart home& Intelligent cube alarms linkage temperature& humidity sensing PIR ip camera : NE-C100W

smart home system and wireless ip camera, smart home& Intelligent cube alarms linkage temperature& humidity sensing PIR ip camera : NE-C100W

Craft details


Incredible temperature & humidity sensing

The camera would automatically call to alarm and push message to your mobiles   when the values for environmental temperature and humidity is higher than default values, the default values could be set by your mobile.


Incredible intelligent alarm linkage.

Best experience of APP push alarm video technology and comprehensive wireless alarm detectors connection, door magnets, gas detectors, smoke detectors, probe, infrared detectors ect(Anti-fire, Anti-gas leak, Anti-theif), 433MHZ, totally support 8 defense area and 64 wireless detectors. When there is abnormal breaking in, up to 5 mobiles could receive the alarm push information to check the scene and so as to frighten thieves easily.
incredible High quality intercom 2 way audio.

3D voice engineering for 2-way audio talk-back, echo cancellation and noise suppression technology, real 2-way audio talk-back on PC and Mobiles , clear and bright.
incredible WiFi access

WiFi set up is very simple and convenient. No need to plug in the network cable, set up directly with the remote wizard. It’s the first design in the field, operation is simple and quick. Phone shake function: with just a shake, all devices within the LAN could be found, one key added, convenient and practical. Remote Wizard could also control your home’s air conditioner, TV, it’s a good home helper.

incredible App push alarm video technology

Push alarm video by the mobile apps, convenient for you to check the real-time conditions in the first instance.


NE-C100W video push        Message push by ordinary camera


Low lux& Infrared night vision

NE-C100W adopts 350mA, 20Min, 1W high quality ceramic array LEDs, low power consumption, stronger light intensity and wider luminous range, longer Lux distance, reliable working performance and life.


Network Adaptive Technology.

The camera will automatically choose the video streaming bit-rate according to the network environment.



1.Field patent designed module and craft.

2.H.264 video compression.

3.Hisilicon HD Megapixel(1280*720), IR-cut filter.

4.P2P penetration.

5Humidity &Temperature sensing technology

6.PIR (Passive Infrared Detector) concentrating on people sensing and push alarm.

7 .Wireless 802.11b/g/n, (1)unique design to Input ID code to set up wireless, (2)Smart wifi link, (3) set up wifi with network cable connection.

8 .High quality 3D voice engineering real 2-way audio talk-back(echo cancellation and noise suppression), clear and bright talk back on mobile and PC.

9 .Pan/Tilt manually control (Horizontal view angle: 360°; Vertical view angle: 90°).

10.App push alarm video and information technology.

11.Completed wireless alarm detectors connection( gas sensor, smoke sensor, door magnet , probe ect), support totally 8 defense area and 64 wireless detectors. And push the alarm information to 5 mobiles.

12.Gravity sensing to flip 180 degree when you ceil the camera upside and down.

13.Max 128GB SD card for local storage.

14.Ceramic array LEDS, strong night vision effect, IR LEDs On/Off Auto Switch.

15.Free IOS& Android apps remote view, read and playback the recording files in TF card..

16.Network Adaptive Technology.

17.Global severs support and split streams automatically

18.Onvif standard, work with NVR system for storage backup.

19.Free 64CH CMS management software for multi cameras view.